Thursday, May 7, 2020

Multi Tote Bag - Strawberry Jam for Riley Blake Designs

Hello! It is hot hot hot. I'm seriously melting over here in Southern California. It's still spring, but it feels like Summer already. This made me want to make a huge bag! A bag that you can stuff all your summer goodies in like a straw hat. Strawberry Jam fabric by Lauren Brewer for Riley Blake Designs is perfect for spring into summer sewing. It has the cutest strawberry prints, bunnies peeking behind cute dainty florals, and beautiful floral prints using the prettiest color pallette. 

I made the tote bag multi-functional of course. You can either use it open in it's tote position, or you can bring the side together with the button strap inside to make it boxier. Either way, it will hold a lot of your stuff! I added roomy elastic side pockets to hold water bottles, and a front pocket for your cell phone and keys. 

Here is what I made:

Strawberry Jam will be arriving soon, so check your favorite quilt/fabric shop to see if they carry it.




  1. Hi Karen, Your two bags are very pretty. I would like to make these bags if possible. Are you giving out or selling the patterns and directions for making the bags? Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi Karen. Are you planning on sharing/selling the instructions for you bag?

  3. Well hello! New to your blog and enjoying it. I am also interested in the pattern, etc. for your delicious little jammie bag. Please let me know where the pattern can be purchased. So appreciate your reply and time. Patti

  4. I love love love this fabric. Please let me know when this pattern is available. Looks like a very functional bag. Super cute!!! ❤️

  5. I'd love to purchase the bag pattern as well. It's what I've been looking for to take back and forth to work.

  6. I would like the pattern also!

  7. Is this pattern similar to the Plaid Flannel Fall Tote Bag on

  8. Love this style of bag! I'm interested in the pattern as well! Is it available!

  9. I, too, would love to have this pattern. Is it available anywhere?

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  11. Has this pattern ever become available?

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  13. Hi. Is this pattern available anywhere?