Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Versatile Backpack - Smokey the Bear for Riley Blake Designs

I have made tons of bags in the past, but I had yet to make a backpack! I wanted it to not only function as a backpack, but as a bag too. When I first saw Smokey the Bear for Riley Blake Designs my eyes popped out hehehe. I am a big fan of Smokey the Bear, specifically the vintage version. This line (which is actually licensed through the Department of Agriculture) hits all the points in vintage, nostalgic Smokey the Bear. I even have a vintage Smokey Golden Book that goes along so well with this line. It was meant to be! 

This backpack has multiple attachment points for modular carry, an elegant design on the front side, and a Smokey the Bear party on the back side! I lined the inside with the text print which has the famous taglines - Only you can prevent wildfires and more! If you are an avid Smokey fan, this line is for you!

Here is what I made. Enjoy!

Backside - Backpack carry point

Front Side with large pocket.

Inside of the Bag

Side pocket

The bags carry point is the handles, so you can carry as a tote.

I hope you enjoyed my backpack for Smokey the Bear. It should be arriving in stores soon, so check your local quilt shop or onlie fabric store.



Friday, November 1, 2019

Oui Oui Market Bag and Versatile Envelope Pouch - Couturiere Parisienne for Riley Blake Designs

Bonjour! Have you ever been to Paris or dreamed of it? Well this versatile Market bag will make you want to go or just dream of it hehe. I went to Paris twice (college and Honeymoon) and it's dreamy. Beautiful buildings, museums, and the most important - PATISSERIE. Couturiere Parisienne by J.Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake Designs is the perfect ode to Paris. I made a Market Bag using this beautiful line that you'll want to fill with French Bread, soap, lavender bundles, or just groceries haha!

The best thing about this bag is tada - it's reversible and with large pockets!!! I lined it with black canvas inside and quilted the outside with the tiniest quilt lines my eyes could handle. I think it made the bag modern and sturdy, hopefully to last a lifetime! Leather handles finish it off to give it a Parisian feel. 

I was so inspired by this line, I made a second handmade item - a Versatile Envelope Pouch. If you follow me on Instagram, I made a wallet in a smaller version. For this make, I increased the size so you can hold more things like Stationary and such. I love text and map fabric and I knew I just had to make this pouch with the fabric.

Here's what I made:

Here is the Oui Oui Market Bag:

If you notice, I tried to add the colors of the French Flag!

It's reversible too! And oh the pockets!!

Here is the Versatile Envelope Pouch. I added 2 front pockets with vinyl and a back vinyl zipper pocket to hold everything in.

I hope you enjoyed Couturiere Parisienne. It should be arriving in stores soon, so check online or your local quilt shop!



Friday, October 11, 2019

Girl Scout Bag - Camp Life for Riley Blake Designs

I love camping. Me and my husband use to camp before twins quite a bit. The thought of camping now with twin toddlers scares me haha. I made a Girl Scout Bag using the adorable licensed fabric called Camp Life by Girl Scouts for Riley Blake Designs to bring back the nostalgia of camping. 

I'm hoping Rosalie will use it in a couple of years or so when I throw her into Girl Scouts!  The printed text was perfect for fussy cutting badges. The possibilities are endless with this adorable fabric!

Here is what I made:

The front of the bag opens up to reveal handy pockets on the flap and a clear pocket on the inside where Rosalie can store all her first aid items or anything cute!

The inside of the bag has more pockets as well so she can store little books and guides or cookies!

I used the text print for the back of the bag to bring it all together.

Camp Life fabric will be hitting stores soon, so check your favorite quilt shops or online to see if they carry it! Happy Camping!



Thursday, October 3, 2019

Busy Craft Bag - Sugarhouse Park for Riley Blake Designs

A post back, I made my son Jack a tool bag. I was totally jealous of his tool bag and thought to myself, that would be an awesome craft bag for Mama. So I made it because that's what I make - BAGS! This bag is super roomy, which is great for a crafter, sewer, journaler, or if you just need a bag to hold stuff. There is plenty of pockets inside and out to hold all your bits and bobs and even room for books, journals, papers, etc.

Sugarhouse Park by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter for Riley Blake Designs was perfect for this Busy Craft Bag. Amy has a special eye for nostalgic designs where she marries florals, plaids, ditsy prints, in the cutest colors. Also, her blog is awesome, so check it out!

Here is what I made:

The bag's side also fold down if you don't need too much room. Plus it looks cute and puffy!

The inside of the bag has even more pockets to hold a book or two, all your supplies, even some fabric! 

Sugarhouse Park is starting to ship, so check your favorite quilt shop or online!

Thanks for stopping by!