Friday, April 16, 2021

Gathered Tote Bag - Flea Market Fresh

Hello! Here is my project for the newly released Flea Market Fresh Fabric designed by the uber talented Cathe Holden for Moda Fabrics. Just in time for spring flowers sprouting everywhere, this collection embodies the refreshment of Spring. Cathe has the best eye for gathering old and new together. The colors in this collection are fresh, smart, and go so well together. Her love for ephemera and olden times shine and I'm so excited to share my project with you - Gathered Tote Bag. 

I created a two-tone bag to showcase the lovely prints and possibilities it has to offer. This collection has a lovely selection of colored stamps and I wanted to show them in the best way possible, so I made them into the main pockets of the bag. The curated floral botanicals was a perfect backdrop for the stamps.  This bag is roomy, so you can hold all your essentials and even some of your shopped items when you go to the market. 

I hope you enjoy this project. Here is what I made:

Flea Market Fresh is starting to hit stores now, so check your favorite quilt/fabric shop to see if they carry it.



Thursday, March 25, 2021

Anne's Patchwork Tote bag

Hello! Here is my project for licensed Anne of Green Gables by Riley Blake Designs - Anne's Patchwork Tote Bag. In my mind, Anne is a bag lady just like me, so to keep it in Anne's classic style, I created a patchwork panel to showcase all the beautiful prints from the collection. The color palette is classic, beautiful, and gives the vintage style feeling I love and appreciate. I think rounding it off with book page text is a perfect way to bring the collection together. 

The tote bag is a classic shape. I added sturdy leather handles and a zippered top to keep everything safe and secure. The back has a zippered pocket to hold your necessities for quick and easy access. There's also a zippered pocket inside. I hope you enjoy this new bag.

Here is what I made:

I hope you enjoyed my project. Anne of Green Gables is out now, so check your favorite Quilt/Fabric shop to see if they are carrying it.



Monday, March 15, 2021

Notting Hill - Classic Saddlebag

 Hello! Here is my latest project for the new fabric line Notting Hill by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter for Riley Blake Designs - my take on the Classic English Saddlebag. Notting Hill is packed with English inspired prints - classic English-style cabbage roses, dainty florals, polka dots, plaids, watercolors, and the cutest tiny Union Jacks, all in a British color pallette. Amy's love letter to London is beautiful and inspiring.

I was inspired by own travels to England many years ago. I picked up a heart Union Jack door clacker, which has been hanging on my doors for years too. I wanted to create something classic English style and incorporate the Union Jack, so I decided on a English Saddlebag design with the flap being made into a Union Jack heart, which I hand quilted. I used the tiny Union Jack print in pink and just had to incorporate the navy blue polka dots (which are classic British) into the bag. I added gold hardware details to make it even more special.

I hope this collection inspires your past or future travels to England. It really is a special place!

Here is what I made:

Here's some pictures of my process. I didn't know I would turn this into a saddlebag. My original design was a flat style bag, with the heart flap, but it just wasn't right for this project. Sometimes you have to change things multiple times to get projects right and that's okay. It's part of the creative process!

But I am tickled on how the bag turned out. Notting Hill is one of my favorite lines to come out this year. It should be hitting stores now or pretty soon, so check with your favorite quilt or fabric shop!



Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Envelope Patchwork Bag - Gingham Gardens for Riley Blake Designs

Hello! I hope the New Year brings much needed joy and happiness to you as we so need that right now. Here is my first project for the year - Envelope Patchwork Bag using the lovely Gingham Gardens by My Minds Eye  for Riley Blake Designs. This line is so much prettiness with florals, text, and gingham of course. I absolutely love the charcoal/black colors used, as I normally don't gravitate to this color. It's a nice change and makes all the pretty colors in the florarls pop! 

I used my Envelope Pocket design (if you've been following me I first made this design with my Versatile Envelope Pouch ). I thought it would be perfect for a front bag design. The pocket has two layers of pockets because of the envelope design. Perfect to throw your phone or mask for easy access. I designed a patchwork palette for the back to showcase all the pretty prints. I hand quilted the patchwork using crossmarks at each meeting point. Right now, I'm loving drawstring closures. It's easy and practical so I added this to the top. I finished it off with black leather handles to make it sturdy and cute of course!

I hope you like this project! Here's what I made:

Front of Bag - Envelope pockets

Front of Bag - Envelope Design

Back of bag - Patchwork Palette

Back of Bag - Patchwork Palette

Drawstring open - gives it a tote bag function

Side of bag - drawstring opened

Side of bag - Quilted Gingham

Black Leather Handles

Drawstring Open - Inside has two internal pockets

Gingham Gardens should be out soon, so check your favorite quilt shops or online to see if they will carry it. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Trio of Makes - Rose and Violets Garden

Hello and tis the season! Here is my latest project for the highly anticipated collection Rose & Violets Garden designed by the beautiful Miss Rose Sister Violet for Riley Blake Designs. Miss Rose Sister Violet designs the most beautiful clothing, home decor, and gifts  in lovely linen, cotton, lace and rose prints. This collection has captured the essence of their brand and is stunningly beautiful, floral, femine, soft, and just plain pretty!

I wanted to highlight every print from the collection, so I made three things -  a Rose Patchwork Tote, a Rose Mini Bag, and a lovely Wall Mini Quilt. The prints marry well together that any project you decide to make will look lovely. I quilted using gold lame' thread for all three projects to accent the prints and give it something special.

Here is what I made:

Rose and Violets Garden - Rose Mini Bag, Rose Patchwork Tote, Mini  Quilt

Here is the Rose Mini Bag. I wanted to create something cute and mini. I quilted the body, added lace details, and used charming gold hardware such as the bow twist lock. Instead of a zipper, I used a drawstring bag closure and added the sweetest pink resin cord caps from one of my favorite fabric notion shop Sunny Day Supply

Here is the Rose Patchwork Tote Bag. I used a patchwork design to highlight each print from the collection. The back of the bag has a large side pocket, hidden by lovely vintage lace. I added a pretty zipper to secure the bag. I used wood handles as well as an optional adjustable bag strap.

Here is the mini quilt. I was so excited for these lovely panels in the collection. I've been looking for artwork to complete my sewing room and this just looks lovely next to my antique cross stitch art piece. I used vintage lace and combined it with the cream striped print in the collection. Each panel has sweet sayings on them, which go lovely with my wall art. 

Rose and Violets Garden should be arriving this month, so check your favorite retailer to see if they carry it. 

I hope you enjoyed my projects and have a lovely, joyous holiday!

Thank you!