Thursday, May 2, 2019

Kindred Spirits for Riley Blake - Modern Carpet Bag

My all time favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the series. I've read the books and watched the eighties version a million times. I'm sure if you are a die-hard fan, you also have 10 copies of the same book. There are so many cute interpretations of Anne and Jill Howarth (of ZippyBoro) designed for Riley Blake Designs is stunning! It's rightfully named Kindred Spirits and it's just ahhh, nostalgic, cute, adorable, pretty, and I adore it. 

I know I had to make something spectacular...and's another bag! But not just any bag, it's Anne's Carpet Bag she lugged with her on her way to Green Gables (or my interpretation of it). I modernized it a bit, making it modular, detachable, cute, and functional. 

I'm so blessed I get to go to Vermont next month on a sewing retreat (closest I'll ever travel to Prince Edward Island but that is on my bucket list!) to meet new friends and see finally see them in person (love Instagram buddies)! This bag is coming with me friends!!! See you in June!

Here is what I made:

I was a bit ambitious with this bag. I wanted it to be more modern than a carpet bag hehe, so I made it modular and detachable. 

The bag inside detaches by adding snap buttons, which actually double as purse feet to protect the bottom of the bag!

Here is the inside of the bag detached. It's a nice size which you can carry as a purse.

The last and neatest thing I think, is the main outer bag becomes a hangable toiletry/ditty bag. Great to have handy when you travel!

I hope you enjoyed my Modern Carpet Bag! I can't wait to use this when I go to Vermont next month so I can meet my sewing friends!

Kindred Spirits is starting to hit stores, so check your local fabric/quilt store or online!



Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Riley Blake Linen Basics

Hello! Spring is zooming by, the superbloom is fading, and I just got my summer seeds. We are currently in the process of turning our dirt dust bowl of a backyard into our dream garden oasis. Me and my husband have different design aesthetics (he's modern, I'm vintage, girly, pretty), so he designed a planter box area for my garden. Our last house I went crazy and it turned into a secret garden (but oh how I loved it)! With all that in mind, I needed a garden journal (at least I think I do hehe), to organize my design, what I want to plant, my seeds, and inspiration! Linen happens to be one of my favorite type of fabric to sew with and Riley Blake Designs has a beautiful collection of pretty linens in basic color ways. 

Riley Blake Linen

For my garden journal I wanted the linen to be the base and added vintage embellishments, and delicate hand quilting. I know I wanted a pocket of some sort for my seeds that I want to plant, so I created a row of seed pockets in the back. Basically, there is pockets galore in this journal!

Here is what I made:

Garden Journal

Vintage embellishments and hand quilting

Here is the inside of the journal:

I machine quilted the inside and added a clear zippered pocket.

Here is the back of the journal. I really wanted a row of pockets for my seeds and such.

Seed pockets

Here is the outside back pocket. Another way to hold seeds or journal bits.

I hope you enjoyed my garden journal. Riley Blake Linen is lovely to work with, soft, yet sturdy, it's a great basic to add to your stash! RBD Linen is available now in an array of pretty colors, so check your local quilt shops or online.



Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cowboy Country for Riley Blake Designs

Hello and Yeehaw! I love boy fabric as much if not even more than girly, dainty, floral prints. Cowboy Country by Carta Bella for Riley Blake Designs is so cute and boy boy boy! I made a bag (surprise hehe), but it's a bag for Jack or a diaper bag, toy bag, overnight, boy bag! It has the cutest prints of Cowboys, Indians, and Country vibes. I'm really trying to mix up Jack's love of cars and trucks so I started to slip in little toy horses, those little green cowboy/army plastic men, and farm animals, into his playtime. I guess I'm tired of stepping on hot wheels and little green cowboy/army men might be better for my feet hehe. 

Here is Cowboy Country:

Cowboy Country by Carta Bella for Riley Blake Designs

Here's what I made:

Boy Bag using Cowboy Country

Detachable Strap

Back of Bag w/zipper pocket

Inside of front pocket w/magnetic button closure

Side details

I hope you enjoyed my Boy Bag. Cowboy Country is available now, so check your favorite fabric/quilt shop or online. 

Happy Sewing!


Friday, March 29, 2019

Majestic for Riley Blake Designs

Hello and Happy Friday! It's been such a beautiful week and I'm ending it with these pretty pillows I made with Majestic Fabric by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs for Riley Blake Fabric. Gerri makes the prettiest quilt patterns and lovely fabrics and its been such a treat to create with Majestic! This line is stunning. It has beautiful grays, navy blue, the perfect blush color, and whites to anchor. 

I didn't realize how well it would work in my bedroom, but it paired perfectly with my farmhouse bed and blush linen duvet. I wanted to use classic designs with modern lines. I used The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson for block inspiration. I used some of her blocks and modified them to suit the design of my bedroom (and my husband's tastes.

Here is what I made:

Hand Quilted Pillow

Here is The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson. A wonderful source for quilt blocks:

Majestic is coming soon! So check your local quilt/fabric store or online. It's so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!