Monday, March 20, 2017

Lily Blog Tour

Hello! Welcome to the Lily Fabric Blog Tour! Lily Fabric is designed by Sue Penn for Penny Rose Fabrics. She has been designing fabric for almost twenty years and it truly shows in Lily Fabric.  With mint, pinks, yellow, floral's, gingham's, and sweet polka dots, this line is simply beautiful and so in line for springtime. So, when I was asked to create something for the release, I was so excited and inspired to make something pretty! 

Pretty stack of Lily Fabric

I made a quilted, springtime bag with hexie detailing. I quilted the side panels and used quilt batting to keep the bag soft and light. 

Quilted Bag with Lily Fabric

Quilted Bag with Lily Fabric

I created a large zippered pocket for the backside so it can hold your phone, keys, and such. 

Back of bag - quilted with a back zippered pocket.

Back of bag

I added inner pockets so it can hold more things like a wallet or a phone, or if you like are me, baby toys, bottles, pacifiers. Oh I didn't tell you, I have twins! I usually add all kinds of pockets to any bag I make because of the stuff I have to lug around ha! Aren't the polka dots and tiny floral's just so sweet?

Inside of bag

I also had time (while my babies were napping) to make a cute pouch using a weaving technique I've been experimenting with. I thought it would be a great way to showcase the floral's in the Lily Fabric line.

Handmade pouch with weaving technique.

Handmade pouch with weaving.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my handmades for Lily Fabric! If you want to make something pretty just in time for Spring or even Summer, Lily Fabric will definitely be a wonderful choice! I'll be back real soon with another project. 

In the meantime, go check out the other talented bloggers for the Lily Bloghop and enjoy! Here's who is up next:

See you soon!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cute Fabric Weaved Pillow

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! It's been a while since I've been here, but I wanted to share how I created the fabric weave pillow since some of you asked (Instagram can only show so much!). I have some upcoming projects and I wanted to test out some designs I've been thinking about for a long time (while I raise my twin babies I daydream of sewing!). I made this small pillow for my baby Rosalie who loves colors and textures. She already has played in my fabric cabinet!

Basket weaved baby pillow

The back of the pillow. I used an envelope flap for the pillow insert. 

Here's how I created the basket weave (excuse my non-professional photos for the step-by-step instructions, I used my iphone for these pics):

First, cut 2 inch strips of desired length of cute, contrasting fabrics. I used "Backyard Roses" by Nadra Ridgeway for Penny Rose Fabrics. If you know me, I am a bonafide fabric hoarder and this stash has been in my special hoarding cabinet, displayed nice and pretty for a long time now.

Next, fold a strip in half.

Now, fold both ends towards the crease, and press with an iron. You can do this for the entire length of the strip or use this handy dandy tool for making bias tape:

I love this tool! It's my go-to tool when I make bias tape for my quilts. It's called the Quilt Binding Express. Got mine at Joann's. You run the strip through the opening and press with an iron.

When you have your desired amount of strips, lay them out evenly and use clips or pins to hold them together. 

Now, with the contrasting fabric, start weaving into the first layer you pinned together. Lift one flap up and place the contrasting fabric onto the layer you created.

Skip the second piece, and go onto the third. 

Repeat this process until you have the desired length.

Here's the end.

Repeat this process with the third contrasting fabric. Until you end up with something like this:

I love this technique because it's a good way to use fabrics you love, without having to cut and sew teeny tiny squares! I ended up with a small 9x9 weaved piece. I trimmed up all the edges, pinned and sewed around the entire piece to hold all the weaving together. Then I proceeded making the pillow, and I apologize, but I didn't take any pictures of the pillow making process (mommy brain!), but I'm sure most of you know how to make a pillow?

Thanks for reading my tutorial! I'll be back soon with a new and cute project!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Desert Bloom Fabric Tour

Hi Friends! It's been a whirlwind these past three weeks. I had my twin babies - Jackson and Rosalie, and I must say, life has definitely changed. One thing that hasn't changed is my desire to create things even if I know I have no time at the moment. I can't stop thinking of new creations to sew!

Before I gave birth, I was asked to be part of the Desert Bloom Blog Tour for the talented Amanda Herring a.k.a The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs. Her new line is bold and beautiful, and it was a pleasure to work with her lovely fabrics. I think I'm going to move onto more bolder fabrics for future projects and Desert Bloom was a great choice to start with.

With babies in mind, I decided to create a bottle cooler bag (if you follow me, the last blog tour I did was with Elea Lutz for Strawberry Biscuit, I made a diaper bag). 

Here's what I made:

Bottle Cooler Bag

Cooler Bag with removable straps.

Top of bag. Red zipper contrast.

Can fit up to 3 baby bottles and an ice pack or snacks!

Detail shot of cooler bag.

Here's how I made the bag:

I took measurements for 2 baby bottles and 1 water bottle and created the size of the bag off of those dimensions. I chose Desert Bloom blue poppy, hexies, and the grey text fabric from the line. I added red piping to the bag for a nice contrast. I used red cotton webbing for the handles and a bold red zipper for the opening of the bag. I added tabs for a removable adjustable strap in red cotton webbing.

In design phase

If your wondering "where the heck did she get insulation for the cooler bag from?", well there is this magical $1.50 store here in Southern California called Daiso. It's Japanese and they sell cute, useful, and weird stuff. I saw the roll of insulation and bought it!

Cooler bag insulation from Daiso.

I also created bibs using the Desert Bloom Birds in blue, pink, and multi from the line. I contrasted it with the Desert Bloom hexies in blue, grey, and pink.

Detail of Desert Bloom bib in multi print.
Handmade bibs in the Desert Bloom birds prints.

Other side of bibs in Desert Bloom hexies print.

 And here are my beautiful baby twins - Jackson and Rosalie. 

My beautiful babies!!

Thank you friends for following the Desert Bloom Blog tour! I hope to see you real soon with new crafty blog postings and maybe a secret project too! Be sure to stop by Sedef Imer's blog today at Down Grapevine Lane to see what she did for the Desert Bloom Tour. I'm sure it's fabulous! 

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Warm wishes,


Friday, May 13, 2016

Twin Boy Girl Nursery

Hi Friends! I'm less than a week till my due date (yippee and yikes)! I've been taking it easy, but still sewing a couple of things because I'm bored just sitting around waiting! 

I told you a couple of weeks ago I would share my boy girl, gender neutral, whatever you want to call it, twin nursery. I made a couple of things in the room, like the curtains, quilts,and such. My husband actually designed the room. He has a flair for design, which is strictly modern. I on the other hand like everything cute, dainty, and girly. I wanted to paint the walls pink and blue, but he said uh, no. So he came up with this abstract triangle wall decal in pink, blue, and grey (he added a little to pink to make me happy). 

I am prepared as I can be (maybe not mentally), but these kids have everything they could ever need as I plan on not leaving the house for a couple of weeks or months lol! 

So here it is:

My twins nursery for boy and girl.

Detail shots of cribs, books, giant Miffy nightlight, changing table.

I attended Hello Kitty Con 2014 and had this poster. Thought the colors would be perfect for the nursery.

Handmade cross stitched sampler, made by me - Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

Detail shot of changing table.

I ended up making the changing table cover because I couldn't find a cute one (that fit my standard of cuteness) in this size. I used Japanese fabrics.

The shelf was custom made by husbands friend who is an AWESOME woodworker. We purchased the crates from Japan and he custom fit them into the shelves. Yes, that is a giant Miffy night light! It's so cute right? The panda I bought for myself a couple of years ago in Costco, because I like toys.

This is my nursing/reading corner with Duffy and Shellie May sitting on the rocking chair. I handmade the quilt on the chair.

Details of the handmade quilt. I used Atsuko Matsuyama fabric. 

Handmade twins crib quilts. I used Faraway Forest from Birch Fabrics. I used the entire collection because it had pink, blues, and greys.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my nursery. Now the countdown begins! I'll be back next month for a secret project I've been working on. I actually completed it but, can't post it just yet!!! See you soon friends!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Strawberry Biscuit Blog Hop! Here's what I made!

Hello Friends and welcome to the Strawberry Biscuit Blog Hop! I have to say, it's been a while since I've blogged, a long while. There's a good reason I've been away so long. I'm about 33 weeks pregnant......with TWINS, a boy and a girl! I've been over there on that Instant thing...yep, Instagram. What can I say, it's fast and easy. But it's been enough time where I've decided to blog once again. Instagram can only show snippets of projects, where as here I can show you the whole process without blowing up your feed! So, when I was asked by the lovely and talented Elea Lutz to join her bloghop for the release of her new fabric line "Strawberry Biscuit" for Penny Rose Fabrics, I couldn't turn her down (third trimester and all!). I'd have to say, this line is so cute, dainty, inspiring, and was such an honor to create with. There's been some beautiful creations out there with Strawberry Biscuit. I can't wait to see more!

So, here's what I made!

Handmade diaper bag in Strawberry Biscuit!

Two front pockets that can hold keys, cell phone, toys, and more. 

Two front pockets that can hold keys, cell phone, or a 
Strawberry Shortcake Doll!

Backside of bag. Large zippered pocket that can hold a tablet,
changing pad, and more.

Backside inner zippered pocket in grey main rose print.

Strawberry Biscuit key chain detail.

Inside of bag which can hold plenty of your babies needs.

Since this might be my last big sewing project for a bit (wait a minute, I still have two baby quilts to make ahhh!!), I decided to go out with a bang and create a diaper bag for my twins. I truly love making bags. It's one of my most favorite things to sew. What I love most about Strawberry Biscuit fabric, is that the colors and details in this line can do double duty for girl and boy creations! So, I decided to go with the blue and red tones.

Detail of front pocket flap.

Detail of backside of bag.

Bottom of bag I turned into oilcloth using Pellon 
Matte Vinyl Fuse, to keep the bottom of the bag 
clean and sturdy.

Detail of side pockets that can hold bottles, toys, and, more.

Detail of side and top zipper. I love this zipper!

Detachable strap with brass swivel hooks.

Here's how I made the diaper bag:

I wanted the bag to be heavy duty since I'm going to be stuffing it with twice as many bottles, diapers, and clothes, so I decided to use thick Pellon Flex Foam interfacing and quilted it to make it extra sturdy and cute of course! This material truly is a dream to work with if you are looking for a lot of body for a bag. 

My process usually begins with the outer panels, specifically the
front, as this is the start of inspiration and design for the entire bag. I added a large front flat pocket, that can hold little books, keys, cell phone, pacifiers, etc. I added some cute lace details to maintain the dainty look and held it with a magnetic button enclosure. Next I made the back. I decided to keep it one color/style of fabric to make it cohesive. I added a large pocket with a zipper that can actually hold a full tablet or a changing mat. Lastly, I made the sides, top zipper panel, and bottom. I added elastic pockets in a contrasting red fabric that can hold baby bottles and such. I sewed these all together to create the outer bag.

Front, back, and side panels.

Now the bottom, which is my husbands favorite part (yes, he gives great input to all my projects!), I used the grey main rose print and added Pellon matte vinyl coating so to make the bottom durable and keep clean. I use this material when I want to add an oilcloth finish to any of my favorite fabrics for a special project. 

Bottom of bag made with Pellon Matte Vinyl Fuse for oilcloth finish.

My favorite part of the bag is the zipper. I used a heavy duty plastic YKK jacket zipper in baby blue to pick up the colors of the bag. I think this is my new favorite zipper to work with because it's strong and easily sews onto fabric without puckering. 

Heavy duty zipper in baby blue.

I then proceeded with the inner bag. I used the aqua birds print for the entire inside. I added elastic pockets to both panels so it can hold numerous bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, and more. I also added a zipper pocket to hold a wallet, keys, and such. Finally, I sewed the inner bag, attached the inner to the outer, and hand stitched along the top from the inside.

Inner bag panels with elastic and zippered pocket. Finished inside details.

Drawing and inspiration for my design.

Thank you for following my progress on my secret project! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Strawberry Biscuit Fabric is super cute, fun, and a joy to create with and I can't thank Elea Lutz and Penny Rose Fabrics enough for letting me be part of this super fun Blog Hop! Strawberry Biscuit is available now in stores, so get some and make some cute things! 

I can't wait to see what all the other lovely gals have created with Strawberry Biscuit! 

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I'll be back on my blog in a week or so to showcase my twin baby nursery so stay tuned! I handmade some parts of it and I think you will like how I created it with Gender Neutral / Boy Girl in mind! See you soon friends!!