Thursday, May 2, 2019

Kindred Spirits for Riley Blake - Modern Carpet Bag

My all time favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the series. I've read the books and watched the eighties version a million times. I'm sure if you are a die-hard fan, you also have 10 copies of the same book. There are so many cute interpretations of Anne and Jill Howarth (of ZippyBoro) designed for Riley Blake Designs is stunning! It's rightfully named Kindred Spirits and it's just ahhh, nostalgic, cute, adorable, pretty, and I adore it. 

I know I had to make something spectacular...and's another bag! But not just any bag, it's Anne's Carpet Bag she lugged with her on her way to Green Gables (or my interpretation of it). I modernized it a bit, making it modular, detachable, cute, and functional. 

I'm so blessed I get to go to Vermont next month on a sewing retreat (closest I'll ever travel to Prince Edward Island but that is on my bucket list!) to meet new friends and see finally see them in person (love Instagram buddies)! This bag is coming with me friends!!! See you in June!

Here is what I made:

I was a bit ambitious with this bag. I wanted it to be more modern than a carpet bag hehe, so I made it modular and detachable. 

The bag inside detaches by adding snap buttons, which actually double as purse feet to protect the bottom of the bag!

Here is the inside of the bag detached. It's a nice size which you can carry as a purse.

The last and neatest thing I think, is the main outer bag becomes a hangable toiletry/ditty bag. Great to have handy when you travel!

I hope you enjoyed my Modern Carpet Bag! I can't wait to use this when I go to Vermont next month so I can meet my sewing friends!

Kindred Spirits is starting to hit stores, so check your local fabric/quilt store or online!