Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crafty Excursion and my New Scissors!

Hi Friends! A couple of weeks ago, I had a fun filled day with my sister out in her neck of the woods. We hit up crafty locations, book shopping (my favorite), and had a pretty cute lunch. 

I've always wanted to check out The French General out in Los Angeles, so that we did! It has been a dream of mine to see her store, and it did not disappoint!

The French General Store

The French General is a wonderful company that sells antique french goods, ephemera, beads, jewelry findings, fabric, she also has published books out there as well.

An hour and a half later my sister and I emerged with wonderful pieces to make jewelry, french badges, and paper crafting items. I can't wait to get started on the earrings from one of the kits I purchased!

My Goodies from French General

We had lunch at a wonderful farm-to-table cafe in old town San Gabriel near the Mission called Alexandras Table. She makes delicious fresh seasonal sandwiches, salads, and soups, french press coffee, and delicious cookies and such.

Alexandra's Table

Did I mention how cute this place is too? It's decorated with cheery colors, and she also sells gourmet foods there as well.

Gourmet Foods and Goods for Sale

Pretty Tabletop Decor

I loved this soup - Zuchinni and Potato Soup. Yummo!

Zucchini and Potato Soup
Book shopping finds - antique and new. I'm currently reading Susan Branch's new book - A Fine Romance and I'm in love with this book!  It's basically her diary of her trip to England. I highly recommend this one. A New England Nun and Other Stories is a funny one. Basically about women who sew and drink tea all day (hmmm.. sounds familiar). 

Antique and new books

When I got home, I received my Japanese scalloped pinking shears!!! I've searched high and low for these darn scissors. Unfortunately, these are not available in your average craft or sewing shop. Sure there are scrapbooking scalloped scissors out there, but not ones for fabric. I found them on Etsy, and sadly, this was the only pair the seller had. You can find more made from Germany and such just by searching on Etsy for Scalloped Scissors.

Scalloped Scissors

What am I gonna do with these you ask - everything and anything! These will add a cute girly touch to some of my projects. Wait and see!!

See you real soon!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Little Friend for a Friend and a Sneakpeek

Hello Friends! During the holidays, I handmade dolls for my little friends as gifts. I have twin nieces, so of course, I made them twin dolls. In this case, this doll is for my childhood friends cute daughter Ayla. Here she is...

Little Friend Doll

Little Friend Doll

I love making dolls, so I decided to make limited edition "Mori Girl Dolls". What the heck is a Mori Girl you ask? Well if you look it up on Google, it's the "Japanese Girl of the Forest Style". Huh? Yes, I'm kinda obsessed with anything and everything Japanese (all the fabric used in my bags, yep Japanese).It's pretty much a cute, girly, sometimes grandma chic style. This is a style I follow and frankly, my husband says I'm weird, but hey I like it and I'm gonna stick with it. I'm still toying with the design, but I want them to have a cute outfit, leather boots, and a satchel of some sort. 

Mori Girl Dolls and Mini Pincushions

I'm also designing new bagettes, cross-body bags with a tablet insert, and cute mini pincushions.

Ideas for New Bags

Don't forget to stop by Earth Cookie Creations for my little bagette give away. I think it ends today.

See you real soon!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year and a Friendly Giveaway from Earth Cookie Creations!

Hello dear friends! It's been awhile since my last post. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. The holidays were crazy, but fun fun fun! I had to sew a bunch of gifts, cook and bake, wrap presents,family parties..whoosh! I'm sad it's over but excited for what the New Year 2014 will bring! I have some new ideas for my shop and I'm gearing for the Spring Vintage Marketplace in March (fill you in on the details later).

My Handmade Christmas Tree

Dolls I made as present for my little friends

On another note, my dear friend Jessica, over at Earth Cookie Creations is having a sweet posting about me and my store with a give away from me! I met Jessica from The Vintage Marketplace about a year or two ago. It was friends at first sight! She always seems to have the exact thing I'm looking for at her booth.  She is an awesome person, and gave me and my sister the boost to participate in TVM. Go check her out:

Earth Cookie Creations 

I hope to post a vignette of ideas for my upcoming spring product line in about a week. See you real soon! 

Best wishes,