Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along

Hello! Happy New Year!! It's been too long. The twins have been keeping me busy but I still find the time to sew. It's what keeps me sane! If you follow me on Instagram (where I post most of my pictures), you can see how much they have grown and taken over my feed. Well, I was able to sneak in this project into my hectic life - Let's Bake Sew Along project for Bake Sale 2 by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics

I was asked by the lovely gals at Riley Blake to make a project and this is what I created - a Bake Along Wall Organizer. I chose the Let's Bake, Milk Jar, Egg Carton (which I adore, so much fun to make!), and Cocoa Jar blocks for my project. Not only is it cute and decorative for your kitchen, but it's useful as well! Check it out:

Bake Along Wall Organizer

Bake Along Wall Organizer

I followed along with Lori on her Blog, downloaded her guide, and used her sew simple shapes for the project. Following along her blog made it easy and fun to put the project together. 

Ideas in the making.

All pieces ready to go!
Ready to applique the egg carton.

Egg Carton

I don't have a light box that Lori made (but I probably will get one soon!). I sew with a Bernina machine and it has this little window on the plate which I have no idea what it's for (I never read the directions lol), so I' used it as my lightbox! For the Let's Bake Block, I did actually tape the piece to the window and traced the words.

Cocoa Block - ready to embroider.

Please tell me this is a miniature light box, if not,
what is it for???

Okay, I have to admit, I didn't make my own binding for the Let's Bake block. I used pre-packaged binding and I'm okay with it! It turned out great!

Pre-made binding for the Let's Bake block.
Let's Bake block traced, and ready to glue.

Ready for quilting lines using my handy Clover Hera Marker!

Milk Block ready to applique.

Here is the final project done. Sorry for the explosion of pictures. Wanted to show you all the details!

Bake Along Wall Organizer

Bake Along Wall Organizer

Bake Along Wall Organizer

Bake Along Wall Organizer

I added a paper pad for grocery or to do lists.
I used clear vinyl and mad a recipe card pocket.
This can hold up to 3 x 5 sized recipe cards.

I added these cute strawberry buttons and bakers
twine so you can use small clothespins to hand
business cards or small things.

The Milk Block has no function other than
being cute!


The Egg Carton Block functions as a pocket to hold paper, money, etc. I added the small flower button in the middle to divide the pocket into two compartments. I didn't have the heart to sew a line down the middle of the cute egg carton!

 Egg Carton Block functions as a pocket. 

Egg Carton pocket details.

I also made a cute potholder using the Cocoa Jar Block. I knew the block wouldn't fit into my design, so I decided to make it into a pot holder. I added these tabs to the organizer so you can hang hooks for essentials such as a potholder or measuring spoons!

Cocoa Jar Block potholder

Cocoa Jar Block potholer

Bake Along Wall Organizer and Cocoa Potholder.

That's all friends! I hope you enjoyed my Bake Along Organizer!

See you soon!