Friday, May 13, 2016

Twin Boy Girl Nursery

Hi Friends! I'm less than a week till my due date (yippee and yikes)! I've been taking it easy, but still sewing a couple of things because I'm bored just sitting around waiting! 

I told you a couple of weeks ago I would share my boy girl, gender neutral, whatever you want to call it, twin nursery. I made a couple of things in the room, like the curtains, quilts,and such. My husband actually designed the room. He has a flair for design, which is strictly modern. I on the other hand like everything cute, dainty, and girly. I wanted to paint the walls pink and blue, but he said uh, no. So he came up with this abstract triangle wall decal in pink, blue, and grey (he added a little to pink to make me happy). 

I am prepared as I can be (maybe not mentally), but these kids have everything they could ever need as I plan on not leaving the house for a couple of weeks or months lol! 

So here it is:

My twins nursery for boy and girl.

Detail shots of cribs, books, giant Miffy nightlight, changing table.

I attended Hello Kitty Con 2014 and had this poster. Thought the colors would be perfect for the nursery.

Handmade cross stitched sampler, made by me - Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

Detail shot of changing table.

I ended up making the changing table cover because I couldn't find a cute one (that fit my standard of cuteness) in this size. I used Japanese fabrics.

The shelf was custom made by husbands friend who is an AWESOME woodworker. We purchased the crates from Japan and he custom fit them into the shelves. Yes, that is a giant Miffy night light! It's so cute right? The panda I bought for myself a couple of years ago in Costco, because I like toys.

This is my nursing/reading corner with Duffy and Shellie May sitting on the rocking chair. I handmade the quilt on the chair.

Details of the handmade quilt. I used Atsuko Matsuyama fabric. 

Handmade twins crib quilts. I used Faraway Forest from Birch Fabrics. I used the entire collection because it had pink, blues, and greys.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my nursery. Now the countdown begins! I'll be back next month for a secret project I've been working on. I actually completed it but, can't post it just yet!!! See you soon friends!