Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hot Wheels Toy Caddy

It's always refreshing to make things with boy fabric and this is the ultimate boy fabric - licensed Hot Wheels fabric by Riley Blake Designs! I haven't made anything for Jack in a while so when he saw me making this Toy Caddy, he was so excited. Like every little boy, Jack has probably over one hundred Hot Wheel cars. We've been storing them in this plastic bag tote but a Hot Wheels Toy Caddy is way cuter and functional. Honestly, I'm tired of seeing them scattered all over my house, so now that he has a dedicated bag for them, hopefully he will help me clean up his mess! I added a drawstring closure to keep it together and added handles so Jack can easily carry it from room to room.

Here is what I made:

Licensed Hot Wheels fabric is out now, so check your favorite quilting / fabric store and see if they stock it!




  1. This is perfect!! Did you have a pattern?

  2. Love this, so hard to find cute boy projects. Would love a pattern.

  3. I would love the pattern as well to make one for my grandchild.

  4. I love this toy caddy and would love to make one for my grandson! Please share your pattern

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  6. This is fantastic and just what I've been searching for. Please send me the pattern details. Thank you!