Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Show Round Up

Hi Friends! I know it's been awhile. Story of my life. It's been a crazy couple of months with craft shows and I haven't had a chance to update my here it goes.

I did 4 shows back to back last November, so I'm still recovering from the madness! But what successful shows they were! Thank you friends who stopped by to support, say hello, or just to drop by! I'm now in custom order/Christmas present making mode. I have a school bus full of new kidlets on both sides of my family, so I'll be making dolls (I'm known as the doll Auntie in my family), bibs, bags, ahhhh! I'll be sure to update my progress. 

Here is my photo round up from all my shows in November:

Patchwork Show - Long Beach, CA
November 2014

Behind the Picket Fence - Costa Mesa, CA
November 2014

Queenbee Market - Oceanside, CA
November 2014

Patchwork Show - Santa Ana, CA
November 2014

Here are some of the cute Christmas things I made from my last shows:

Handmade Woodland Deer - These guys sold out! 

My Christmas Tree - Little Christmas trees sold at my shows

Handmade Mini Tassel EarringsThese are on sale at my Etsy store!

Handmade Christmas Necklaces - These are on sale at my Etsy store!

Now to the good part. I'm having my first giveaway. I've never done this before, so not sure how it will turn out. Stay tuned for my next blog post (Hint Hint - if you follow my Instagram (instagram name is creamcraftgoods), you may have seen that I went to Hello Kitty Con the end of October). 

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Addition to Shows

Hi Friends!

I'm happy to let you know that I will be at two more neat shows this Fall for Patchwork in Long Beach and Santa Ana, CA!!

Here are the locations:

November 2, 2014
Marine Stadium, Bayshore @ Appian Way
Long Beach, CA

November 30, 2014
Downtown Santa Ana, 2nd @ Sycamore St
Santa Ana, CA

I participated in my first Patchwork event this past Spring in Santa Ana, CA with my mini - me booth. It was such an awesome event and get's FREE to attend! There's an abundance of vendor booths, yummy food, live music, and more! I met so many wonderful vendors, customers, and nice people. Hope to see you there again!!!
For more detailed information on the event you can find it here.

I've been slaving away in my lab creating new bags, accessories, and more. I'll have a sneak peak for you all in the next few weeks.

See you soon!!!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Show Updates!

Hi Friends! A wonderful fall to you all! One of my favorite times of the year because it's closer to Christmas, which means it's crunch time for me -  it's Fall showtime!

I will be at the following shows next month, so mark you calendars friends:

November 8, 2014
9am to 4pm
Piecemakers County Store, Costa Mesa, CA

Behind the Picket Fence is a 1-day boutique filled with lovely vendors selling vintage, shabby chic, antiques, and romantic handmade items. Super excited to showcase here!  For more detailed information, check them out here.

I'll be there selling my new line of handmade bags, accessories, and vintage items! 

November 14 from 4pm to 9pm
November 15 from 9am to 3pm
QLN Conference Center, Oceanside, CA

The Queen Bee Market is a lovely handmade market ran by two neat sisters who love handmade! I found out about this event from my pal, Jessica over at Earth Cookie Creations and I'm super excited to showcase here! There will be a wide range of handmade items, vintage, and more! For more detailed and up to date information, you can find it here.

So, if you're looking for some cute gifts for Christmas, or are just a serial shopper like me, mark you're calendars and check out these great events! Hope to see you there!

Your friend,


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Haute Handbags Fall 2014 Feature!

Hi Friends!

Great news! I did my weekly routine of stopping into Barnes and Nobles yesterday and what did I find in the craft magazine section ~ Haute Handbags newest fall issue! And guess what, I'm featured again! Yay!

Haute handbags is a lovely magazine published by Stampington & Company. They showcase talented artists and makers' lovely handbag creations. Included are wonderful articles, instructions, and major eye candy photos! So, if you're either in Barnes & Noble, Joanns, Michaels, or a fine bookstore near you, please check it out or pick one up!!! You can also find current and back issues on their website here.

I couldn't be more happy with the current issue and feature! The photos are so pretty....

Haute Handbags Fall 2014 Issue

Haute Handbags Fall 2014 - Floral Bags by Karen Pratt
Haute Handbags Fall 2014 pages 82-83

Haute Handbags Fall 2014 pages 84 - 85

Haute Handbags Fall 2014 pages 86 - 87

My favorite part - shot out to the "hubs" and best friend "Fred"
My article includes instructions for all bags featured. If you have any questions on them, please feel free to email me!
On another note, I'll be attending four handmade/vintage shows in the November. So, if you're looking for some cute Christmas gifts for your friends or yourself, stay tuned for more details!

Happy Fall to you all!

Your friend,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cute New Bags, Tea Breaks, and a Daiso Haul!

Hi Friends!

I posted some new bags in my Etsy shop! My goal is to make three new bags per week for the remainder of the year for upcoming shows and my shop. I have loads and loads of fabric from my last trip to Japan, and although I cringe to cut them all up for bags, that is the reason why I purchased it all in the first place! I have an addiction to fabric and it must be stopped!!!

I've been working on some new designs. Here is the latest:

Cute small shoulder bag - linen, floral printed fabric, lace, leather details and zipper

Here are some additional bags posted in the shop:

French Bulldog Cross Body Bag

Sewing Bucket Bag


Angel and Lace Bucket Bag


Teacups and Flowers Bucket Bag

In between bag making, I take lavish tea breaks....

Early Grey Chocolate Teatime

Chocolate and Strawberry Teatime

Okay, so I didn't bake the cookies, it's all just cute styling! I do normally make scones and my own cookies, but I haven't had the time to get my bake on. I love Lupicia Tea. I mean, where can you find Earl Grey Chocolate or Chocolate and Strawberry Tea? They have stores inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa and Torrance, CA or you can find these yummy teas here. I have loads and loads of this high quality, cute flavored teas. They also have green and herbal teas, but they shine in the flavored teas. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Last but not least, my recent purchases from Daiso! If you don't know what Daiso is, you need to! It's a Japanese $1.50 store that is opening all over Southern California. It's quite addicting - rose printed sandwich bags, bathroom items, socks, craft supplies, I mean this place has anything you can think of and you end up leaving with things you don't need but you do because it's so cute!

Here is my recent haul:

Top to Bottom: Cute Italia Cup (made in Italy, sold in Daiso!), Paris Plate, Tomato Jar, Cute Cottage Gift Box

So, your assignment this weekend: drink cute tea and go to Daiso (if you have one near by)! Next up, more new bags and accessories posting.

Your Friend,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello Hello - Custom Orders and Magazine Showcase

Hi Friends! I have plenty of updating to do like post about the trip I took to Japan a couple months back, but all I have for you today is a custom order I made for a pretty neat friend and a cute magazine review. 

It's been a long and tough summer and I'm so over this heat! I'm not a shorts loving person and I'm tired of wearing sandals! I want to wear socks at some point. Enough about me...take a look at my cute custom order:

Cute custom diaper bag and doll. Front of bag. Made large front pockets.

Back of bag. Also has two large pockets.

Inside of bag. I used waterproof fabric and created multiple pockets for bottles, nappies, and more!

If you know me or read my bio, you would know that I'm bananas for magazines, specifically Japanese ones. My favorite zine is "Cotton Time". It's a Japanese craft zine that comes out every 2 months. I'm lucky enough to live near a Japanese bookstore or I sometimes splurge and order direct from Japan. Maybe I'll give you a tour sometime of "The Lab" a.k.a. my craft room, and show you the insane collection of Japanese magazines I have.

Here is the latest issue:

Cotton Time - Issue 9 and yes it came with free fabric!!!

Cute projects and a handmade dining room!

Cute sewing projects.

I am working on new bags and accessories, and hopefully will have them ready before the Fall/Winter handmade show circuit.

See you soon!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summertime Shows

Hi Friends! I've been on a slight summer hiatus, but here I am...ready to share a few pics from the last two summer shows that I've attended as well as some product pictures. I'm taking a break from events for the remainder of the summer, but will be back in full force with new items for fall and winter.

Here is The Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook...a lovely 3-day event!It's so wonderful to see my booth friends and repeat customers as well as new ones! 

Cute bag display!

Cute Zakka display

Inside the tent

Pink dresser with cute stuff!

Inside the tent

The cutest photo booth!

The next show (which was a week after The Vintage Marketplace)...Patchwork in Santa Ana! I made a mini-me booth! My space was only 4 x 6, so not much space to work with, but I made do and it came out oh so cute!

Mini-me booth!

My favorite picture! I'm so sad I sold the blue bag. I wanted it for myself! Guess I'll have to remake it!

Cute key fob wristlets. These seem to be my best sellers.

Cute vintage honey cup pin cushions

Me in my mini booth. Yes, I dress the part!

Patchwork show was awesome! Just wish I was able to look around and shop too, but I was the only person manning my booth.

Here are some product pictures from the show. Hopefully, I will post new product soon in the shop. 

New bucket bags. Most were sold out during my shows, but I'll have new ones soon.

Crossbody Kitty bag. This sold out within the first twenty minutes at VTM. I used a cute kitty fabric in the front and durable oilcloth in the back.

French bulldog crossbody bag. Will be in the shop soon!

Zakka necklaces!

Handstamped fabric labels

Cute neon tissue pouches

Handmade buttons. I don't throw any scrap away. I make them into buttons!

I'm planning to have a Summer Sale in the shop, so stay tuned for the dates, which I will post here and on Instagram. I'm making a bunch of new stuff which I will showcase in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!