Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Show Round Up

Hi Friends! I know it's been awhile. Story of my life. It's been a crazy couple of months with craft shows and I haven't had a chance to update my here it goes.

I did 4 shows back to back last November, so I'm still recovering from the madness! But what successful shows they were! Thank you friends who stopped by to support, say hello, or just to drop by! I'm now in custom order/Christmas present making mode. I have a school bus full of new kidlets on both sides of my family, so I'll be making dolls (I'm known as the doll Auntie in my family), bibs, bags, ahhhh! I'll be sure to update my progress. 

Here is my photo round up from all my shows in November:

Patchwork Show - Long Beach, CA
November 2014

Behind the Picket Fence - Costa Mesa, CA
November 2014

Queenbee Market - Oceanside, CA
November 2014

Patchwork Show - Santa Ana, CA
November 2014

Here are some of the cute Christmas things I made from my last shows:

Handmade Woodland Deer - These guys sold out! 

My Christmas Tree - Little Christmas trees sold at my shows

Handmade Mini Tassel EarringsThese are on sale at my Etsy store!

Handmade Christmas Necklaces - These are on sale at my Etsy store!

Now to the good part. I'm having my first giveaway. I've never done this before, so not sure how it will turn out. Stay tuned for my next blog post (Hint Hint - if you follow my Instagram (instagram name is creamcraftgoods), you may have seen that I went to Hello Kitty Con the end of October). 

Thanks for stopping by!