Monday, August 19, 2019

Golden Days Dress and Heart Purse for Rosalie

I finally sewed a garment (and a cute purse too)! I made the cutest dress for Rosalie using a new fabric line called Golden Days by Amber Labau from Fancy Pants Design for Riley Blake Designs. I am by no means a seamstress, as many fellow sewist's and quilter's can attest to. Anytime I made a garment in the past, it usually came out lopsided somehow. I used Dottie Angel's little dress pattern for Simplicity, which was super easy, fun, and quick. Definitely one to try if you haven't already. 

Of course I couldn't just stop at the dress. I had to make a coordinating purse to go with it! I designed a Heart Drawstring purse using the cute plaids from Golden Days. Rosalie already has been wearing it around the house, stuffing all her little toys in it. Golden Days is perfect for Fall or back to school! The colors and patterns coordinate so well.

Golden Days by Amber Labau for Riley Blake Designs

Here is what I made:

Rosalie's Dress (Dottie Angel Pattern) and Heart
Purse made and designed by me.

And here's Rosalie in the dress and purse. I had to bribe her with a lollipop to model for these pictures, and maybe some chocolate too!

Jack wanted to model too.

And here is more detailed shots of the Heart Purse I made for Rosalie:

Golden Days fabric is starting to hit stores, so check your local quilt shops or online!

Thank you!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Versatile Dresden Tote Bag - Storytime 30's for Riley Blake Designs

I have a confession. I love making bags (can you tell hehehe). Let me tell you friends, this bag doesn't disappoint! When I received Storytime 30's I knew I had to make something so darling and dainty for these adorable prints by Penny Rose Studio for Riley Blake Designs. I'm a total sucker for feedsack reproductions in cute, colorful patterns and Storytime 30s is it!

Look how cute these fabrics are:

Storytime 30s for Riley Blake Designs

Summer is finally winding down for some, but not in my household! It seems that my twins are toddlers forever! They are in their threenager years and oh boy is it awful hahaha! Anytime I get to sew these days is when they are napping or sleeping. Mama is tired! So, I wanted to make a bag for myself, not one where I had to stuff toddler things in (yeah right!), but for all my planners, chocolate, water bottles, ipad, you know MAMA stuff. 

I went with a Dresden design to highlight an old time vibe and used regular natural canvas to give it a sturdy feel. The design of the bag is classic with a modern twist. I wanted the bag to be roomy, yet easy to carry. Not too big, not too small, and I found the perfect size. I may have to make an army of these for Christmas gifts and of course a pattern too! 

Here is the Versatile Dresden Tote Bag:
First side of bag

Side details. I added grommets and  pink suede
 string to expand the size of the bag if needed.

Second side of the bag with larger Dresden pattern.

Side of the bag. I added D-rings to the sides so you can attach a
shoulder strap if needed.

The bag expanded into full tote size. First side of tote bag style.

Second side of tote bag style with larger Dresden.

Detachable shoulder strap.

I added a snap closure backed with leather to make it sturdy.

The inside of the bag has the beautiful Storytime 30s fabric
as well as a zippered pocket.

Storytime 30s fabric for Riley Blake Designs

Storytime 30s fabric is out now, so check your local quilt/fabric shop or online. I hope you enjoyed looking at my bag as I enjoyed making it!