Thursday, October 1, 2020

Classic Carpet Bag - Flea Market Moxie for Moda

Hello friends! Here is my first project for one of my favorite designers Cathe Holden  for Moda Fabrics - a Classic Carpet Bag.  I had the honor of creating for her once again and this is her second collection called Flea Market Moxie out later this month. Cathe designs using her extensive collection of ephemera and found objects, a collectors dream reimagined into beautiful fabric. My favorite print is this floral tapestry and I knew when I first saw it I had to make a classic Carpet Bag. The colors are rich, classic, and stunning. 

For the bag, I was excited to use materials I've collected over the years. I collect leather on top of all the other things I collect, and I used navy blue leather to make the handles and leather bottoms and corners of the bag to give it a classic look. I wanted to contrast the leather, so I used a peach zipper to pick up the color from the fabric. I quilted double lines to make the fabric sturdy for bag use. The bag has two-way uses, either a tote, or fold the side flaps down and secure to the brass buttons for a handbag style. The inside of the bag is fun too! It uses the people photo ephemera print and is finished off with a zippered pocket inside. 

I hope you enjoy this bag! Here it is:

Flea Market Moxie is arriving later this month, so check your local quilt shops or online for more information. I hope you enjoyed my project, and stay tuned, there's more!



  1. Adorable! Are the instructions available?

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