Monday, April 27, 2020

Handmade Saddle Bag - Splendor for Riley Blake Designs

Hello friends! Warm weather has now arrived and it's making flowers bloom, mountains green, and sunshine to fill our uncertain times. Splendor fabric by Jen Allyson of My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs brings all those elements into this beautiful collection. The colors are stunning. Jenn designs pretty graphic florals, mixed with text elements, which is one of my favorite fabric combos.

I decided to make a Saddle Bag, with the text print being the star of the bag. I added the print to the front bag flap and added a twist lock to enclose the bag. I added multiple pockets of course, so you can store all your essentials. For me, essentials include - sunglasses, wallet, traveler's notebook or journal, pens, and hand cream (mostly hand sanitizer nowadays).

Here is what I made:

Splendor is out now, so check out your favorite quilt shops to see if they carry it.

Thank you!



  1. Is there a pattern for this bag? I love it! Beautiful! I love the print on the flap!

  2. Yes please! I'd love to know if there is a pattern, please!