Friday, July 19, 2019

Mr. Owl and Friends for Riley Blake

Hello friends! I've been on a nostalgic childhood kick of some kind. Is it me or does anyone miss the 1980's when it was a little more carefree? I remember playing dodgeball in the front of my garage with all of the neighborhood kids until it was dark, bowl haircuts because no one cared if your Mommy gave you a homemade haircut, and homemade jello with fresh fruit (or sometimes canned because it was cheaper). Those were the days. Mr.Owl and Friends for Riley Blake Designs surely brought back a lot of missed memories and I was so excited when I was shown this line! 

If your a candy lover or just nostalgic like me, check out Mr. Owl and Friends. He's awfully cute!

For this project, I made my classic Tiny Pincushion which I've finally perfected over the years of making these little guys. In the past, I've used water bottle caps but have now upgraded to clear cosmetic circular cases as the base. A lot of teeny tiny sewing, hot glueing, and rice (?!) was involved in the making. Riley Blake designed Mr Owl with the perfect circle candy badges and candy strips, which makes a perfect print to use on Tiny Pincushions. I also made a small candy pouch to hold all my candy. I'm glad I made it this size because if it was any bigger I would just stuff it with more candy that I shouldn't be eating!

Here's what I made:

Here is the candy pouch I made:

I hope you enjoyed my project for Mr. Owl and Friends which will be available soon so check your local quilt shops or online.

See you next time!



  1. Super cute. Love your cute little pincushions and bags! Tootsies, Junior Mints and Sugar Babies. My old time favs. Oh the 80s. They were some of my best years!

  2. Oh my goodness those pincushions are ADORABLE, cute enough to eat!!