Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Lemonade Sundae for Riley Blake

Hello! My twins have started preschool this past month, which means more sewing time for mommy! Now that I have some spare time, I'm starting on my handmade Christmas gifts. I gave Rosalie access to my toy collection and of course she picked out one of my faves...my Anniversary old school Cabbage Patch doll Maryanne. 

I bought her a doll bed for Maryann from Ikea, but the blanket it came with was not suitable for Rosalie's taste (mommy's taste hehe). So, I made a quilt and matching pillow using sweet, nostalgic fabric - Lemonade Sundae by Leonie Bateman for Riley Blake Fabrics. Pretty, dainty florals, and nostalgic, it goes perfectly with Rosalie's doll bed. Now I have to hide it from her for 2 months till Christmas. I hope she loves it!

Here's what I made:

Doll quilt with matching pillow

Doll quilt using Lemonade Sundae

I cut out hearts and used the needle turn applique method onto 4x4 squares. For the pillow, I used a larger heart and appliqued to the pillow.

Doll Quilt Lemonade Sundae

Doll Quilt Lemonade Sundae

I used the same backing fabric for the pillow to tie it all together.

Doll Quilt Lemonade Sundae

Beautiful Lemonade Sundae Fabric

I hope you enjoyed my little project. One Christmas present done, 11 more to go!

Best wishes,


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