Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Kitty Con 2014 and a Giveaway!

Happy New Year to you friends! I had a lovely holiday with family and friends and I'm ready to make new cute bags and accessories. I promised you all a giveaway, so why not start off the new year with a really cute one! Here's a bit about my adventure this past October...

I'm a huge Sanrio/Hello Kitty fan (yes, I'm a full grown adult but I still love it) and I was blessed to attend the first ever Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, last October, 2014. Even if I had multiple shows days after, I didn't care, I had to go. So I did, and I dragged my sister with me! It was everything I ever hoped it could be and more! I went on the first opening day on Thursday, so it was CRAZY crowded. Smiles everywhere, there wasn't a rude person in sight, everyone looked happy to be there, including myself. Most of the people who attended weren't kids, but full grown kids like me!

There were cute cosplay girls everywhere! Some worked for Sanrio, but I think most people came dressed up. I on the other hand will not go that far, but I did wear Hello Kitty-esque colors.

Sunshine and rainbows at the entrance.

Hello Kitty topiary! I need this in my front yard! Cute DJ spinning cute music! 

One of my favorite parts of the convention was the Hello Kitty Vintage Village. It had a bunch of vintage HK stuff from the beginning, even the first Hello Kitty coin purse ever made! They even put it in a glass case (a la Hope Diamond), complete with it's own security guard. Makes me wish I saved every Sanrio thing I ever bought when I was a kid. Most of the the stuff encased in glass I had! Darn.

Loved the wall of every gift bag ever made. 

Now this brings me to the Super Supermarket. I wasn't able to get into the souvenier market. The line was 3-4 hours long just for Hello Kitty things with Con 2014 on it. I was still able to purchase cute things and my favorite purchase - Hello Kitty Spam Musubi Maker! I'm going to keep it in this nice box forever and never use it, but I think the Spam lasts forever right?

Again, the long lines were FOREVER, and I missed the opportunity to meet the head designer - Yuko Yamaguchi, but I was lucky enough to at least take a picture of the autograph and drawing she does for each fan from my neighbor at the Scrapbook Workshop. Yes, her name was Janae, not Karen sadly.

Next was the Hello Kitty Scrapbook Workshop, hosted and taught by Amy Tangerine, a scrapbook star in her own right. This was the best part of the convention! 

So, this brings me to my big giveaway! I ended up getting double of a couple of things at the convention, and I know I can't hoard it all (New Year equals getting rid of things per my husband). Why not share it with my friends! Here's what's at stake - Hello Kitty Scrapbooking, exclusive to Hello Kitty Con 2014.

Here are the rules:

  1. To enter, you must enter a comment of your favorite Sanrio character and follow me on Instagram - creamcraftgoods. To leave a comment, enter your're comment below (must be signed in google or select open ID and add your name to leave comment).
  2. Entries must be made by January 11, 2015 (PST).
  3. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
  4. One entry only per user.
  5. Giveaway only for US (sorry, this would be too expensive for me to ship overseas).
  6. Prize value - This was a Hello Kitty Con exclusive, so this is a collectible. I think it's around $40 retail, but you can't put a price on a Hello Kitty collectible!
  7. I will tally up the entries and do a random drawing on January 11,2015 with the winner announced on my blog on January 12, 2015.
  8. Good Luck!!


  1. Pochacco and Hello Kitty < 333
    Instagram name: Asian_Hallyupride
    Thank you for the giveaway :D You're so generous! #

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wish they would bring him back! But HK is a classic! Good luck and you're very welcome!

    3. I know! !! I was born in 97 and I think that was my first plushie from Sanrio <3 Pochacco brings back memories and HK is basically all my cousins stuff haha and thank you!!

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