Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Haute Handbags Feature! Yay!

Hi Friends! I have the best news ever...I'm published in a lovely magazine - Haute Handbags Spring 2014 issue. Ahhh!

Haute Handbags is a lovely magazine from Stampington & Company. It showcases creative and lovely artists who specifically make bags, purses, totes, and more.  I just stopped into Barnes in Nobles today (a weekly routine of mine), and long behold in the magazine craft section, it was staring back at me! So if you want to check it out, it's available where books are sold or you can order a copy directly from Stampington here!

I can't believe how the pictures turned out, pretty, cute and fabulous!! I had so much fun contributing to Haute Handbags and it's such an honor to be featured along with amazing artists. The entire Spring issue is just lovely. So go out and pick up an issue if you can! I can't wait for you to scroll on and take a peek!

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 Cover -It's me, "Karen Pratt"!

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Table of  Contents

Haute Handbags Spring 2014  - Dainty Floral Bag

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Creamy Floral Tote and Cute Little Bagette

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Cute Dainty Purse and Cute Lace and Linen Tote

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Pages 14-15

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Pages 16-17

Haute Handbags Spring 2014 - Pages 18-19

If you are interested in any of the bags published, they are available in my etsy store here

Thanks for stopping by dear friends!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by dear friends!

  2. Wow, Those bags look just so beautiful, I have seen a few at https://www.luxtime.su/louis-vuitton-handbags as well and they all were amazing too, Hope to see more of your new collection, Can't wait to buy one of those Haute Handbags Spring