Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Little Friend for a Friend and a Sneakpeek

Hello Friends! During the holidays, I handmade dolls for my little friends as gifts. I have twin nieces, so of course, I made them twin dolls. In this case, this doll is for my childhood friends cute daughter Ayla. Here she is...

Little Friend Doll

Little Friend Doll

I love making dolls, so I decided to make limited edition "Mori Girl Dolls". What the heck is a Mori Girl you ask? Well if you look it up on Google, it's the "Japanese Girl of the Forest Style". Huh? Yes, I'm kinda obsessed with anything and everything Japanese (all the fabric used in my bags, yep Japanese).It's pretty much a cute, girly, sometimes grandma chic style. This is a style I follow and frankly, my husband says I'm weird, but hey I like it and I'm gonna stick with it. I'm still toying with the design, but I want them to have a cute outfit, leather boots, and a satchel of some sort. 

Mori Girl Dolls and Mini Pincushions

I'm also designing new bagettes, cross-body bags with a tablet insert, and cute mini pincushions.

Ideas for New Bags

Don't forget to stop by Earth Cookie Creations for my little bagette give away. I think it ends today.

See you real soon!


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